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A Week In My Life

A Week In My Life

Sometimes in reflection you realize just how strong you are when you feel the weakest.  This has been a very unusual and extremely emotional week around the Parris house.  My heart and emotions have been pushed and pulled and tugged on from a variety of sources this week and yet, here it is on Sunday evening and I realize that through it all, the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit was ever present and steady.  That’s a gift for which no price can be calculated and certainly never paid.


Here is a brief recap of what my plate has held this week:

  • I have reconnected with a dear friend from years ago and realized all over again how important they were in my life at the time.  Interesting how people come and go during different seasons of our lives and how God brings them back around when we need them but didn’t necessarily realize we did.
  • Our dear family friend (my dad’s best friend), Bert Valentine passed away.  It was a link to my childhood that conjured up all sorts of memories.  My heart aches for my dad who has lost three dear friends to death in the past few months.
  • Monday, we took Emma to see the neurosurgeon and discussed two surgeries she will most likely be facing in the next year.  Her life seems to be filled with one struggle after another and yet she continues to defy the odds and prove that it is God alone who sustains her.
  • Tuesday, our foster child had a doctor appointment.  Tuesday evening we had a home school Mom-to-Mom night out and sort of got refreshed with other like-minded home school families.  It is always great to realize you are not alone in this endeavor to train, educate and disciple your children for Christ.
  • Wednesday was a tense day emotionally dealing with some issues that just when I think are resolved, I realize they are not quite settled.  Wednesday evening was a great night at church.  As always, my soul was refreshed from the preaching of God’s word and fellowship with other believers.
  • Thursday was busy with two great field trips for our homeschool group.  Spencer had a great time and I was reminded again of how blessed we are to have the friends we do.  Then we went to the State Tournament basketball game that our Christian school participates in and was hosting this year.
  • Friday we spent much of the day at a friends house letting the kids play together.  While there, I was able to talk with a dear friend who is struggling emotionally and spiritually.  Prayed that the Lord would use my words and influence to give her a safe place to fall.
  • Saturday was a blissfully quiet morning at home with beautiful weather.  Spencer played outside, Mike worked in the yard, and I worked in the school room.  Later in the day, I took all the girls and we ran some errands and went to several thrift stores.
  • Saturday I also received news that a family member of a dear friend of mine was murdered in the wee hours of the morning.  Death is always tough but when it is a result of violence, it is especially hard to accept.  There are so many emotions including anger, bitterness, denial, rage, frustration, etc…added to the regular emotions that come from losing anyone you love.  It is hard to accept as God’s will when you want to scream, “Why?” and “Where were you God when it was happening?”  I’ve been there and can understand and my heart is saddened knowing what the family will face in the next few months and even years.
  • I also spent some time Saturday night trying to help someone I care deeply about repair a fractured relationship.  Life is tough and when people’s choices adversely affect our lives, it is easy to become disenchanted with them and step inside our walled garden to protect our hearts from further disappointment.  But that is the time to reach out and help the one who is doing the offending.
  • Sunday dawned with a light breeze and warm temperatures in North Carolina but physically my body is weary and worn today.  I’m probably trying to fight off the cold/flu/virus of the day that my family has had the past few weeks.  Everything seems to be a chore today.  Just moving brings body aches and so I have spent much of the day snuggled up with Emma Grace while the family went to church.
  • My mom just called to tell me that my cousin, David Lively, passed away in Tennessee this morning.  Once again, our family will be dealing with grief.
  • And, always, there is the plethora of items on my to-do list that continues to grow and seems never to diminish.

So, this week has been both taxing and challenging yet sprinkled in with the intense sad moments, have been brief respites of joy and fun.  Isn’t that how life is for you as well?  We all have many things that we deal with on a daily basis that would shake our faith, test our patience, warm our hearts, and challenge our beliefs.

The important thing to remember, in order to stay sane from the roller coaster of emotions, is that at the core of all we deal with is a God who loves us unconditionally and is aware of what we are going through.  Knowing that God already knows what I will face each day brings such comfort to my soul.  Some days I may say, “God, really?  Today?” but I know He has gone before me and measured out the load to make sure it isn’t more than I can bear.  I know, in my heart, that everything that I face is meant to strengthen my faith and character.  If I filter my day through that lens, then my perspective will stay right.  It is when I take my eyes off of God’s plan that I get overwhelmed, frustrated, and scared.

So, whatever the past week held for you and the next week will bring, just remember that God has a plan and “His ways are higher than our ways,” the Bible says.  Nothing will happen to you today that hasn’t passed across His desk for approval.

Blessings to you!  If you are reading this, then know that at least one person has prayed for you today.  Here are a few things to keep in mind this week:

  • Hug those you love, every chance you get
  • Be very generous with words of praise…everyone’s soul can use encouragement
  • Say I love you OFTEN…even if it feels uncomfortable
  • Ask yourself if you are content with your relationships…what if the person you are at odds with should suddenly pass away…would the issue you are at odds over really have been that important?
  • Be the bigger person when there are disagreements.
  • Remind yourself that God’s grace is the only difference between you and the next person
  • Step out of your comfort zone to help someone else emotionally
  • Snuggle up to God so when trials come, He won’t seem so far away

From My Heart,



About Renee Parris

I write to share the message of grace God has so generously splattered on the pages of my life. My heart beats strongly with love for my husband, children, and those God has placed in my path. I adore the world God has created for us to explore. My heart beats to share, through written words and pictures, my love for nature and the people I meet on this beautiful journey called life.

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  1. Dear sis these are just the postings I needed for today and lately it seems they fit our positions so well also you couldn’t have written it any better good job and we always can use the reminder of God’s presence we are doing some better they put in a feeding tube sat seems to be ok with it lots to do then maybe released eventually 5wks here now lots of love and prayers for all of you

  2. Renee, I saw you several times this week and didn’t realize that you were having a tough week. You were still a blessing to me and a pleasure to be around. I hope this week brings you much joy and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Love ya

  3. Thank you for sharing. What a blessing it is to be reminded that problems face us all but the Holy Spirit keeps us going and God loves us. Thanks for your prayers.
    I love you and are happy God put you in my life.

    Thanks again


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