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Oh, How I Loved My Grandmothers

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Two women, worlds apart in most areas, but each loved me and helped shape the woman and mother I am today.  I am blessed to have grown up close in proximity and in relationship to my grandmothers.  What a goodly heritage the Lord imparted unto me…

A Tribute to Grandmothers


As the world shines spotlights and showers accolades of mothers during the month of May, each of us celebrate and reflect on our own journey of motherhood.  I so love being a mom and hearing little people call me mommy.  I hurt for all the women who will never feel a child grow inside of them and for those who want to train and nurture little souls but will never know that joy.  But each of us has opportunity to influence children and impact their world.

I spend a lot of time thinking about motherhood and how important our roles are in shaping the next generation.  And when I think of generations, I cannot help but be grateful for the women who came before me and helped shape my life.

My mother is an amazing woman and I could fill several journals with her praises.  But I was also blessed to have two wonderful grandmothers who invested many hours of training, love, and wisdom into my life.

A grandmother’s love is as close to being hugged by Jesus as most of us will ever experience.  It’s an extension of the arms of our parents.  Grandmothers love differently than mommas do.  They allow us to get away with more than our parents do when we are little, to eat more junk food, make more messes, and stay up past normal bedtimes.

My two grandmothers were complete opposites in personality.  They had very little in common except the people they loved.  My paternal grandmother was the women that held the community together.  She delivered the babies, solved problems with her no-nonsense wisdom, always had a hot meal ready for anyone who stopped by her home, welcomed strangers, loved those others didn’t, had a dozen chairs on her front porch that were full most of the time, had a yard that welcomed the neighborhood kids, and always a smile and kind words for the most wretched among us.  She believed in us and told us so.  She didn’t go to church much but she knew God and was quick to quote a verse to get us back in shape when we strayed.  She loved to garden and can foods in preparation of wintertime.  She washed in a wringer washer and made everything from scratch including her clothes and quilts.  Oh how I loved her and how I miss her.  So many words of wisdom echo in my soul from evenings spent sitting on her front porch breaking beans, peeling peaches, and listening to crickets sing themselves to sleep.  Just as the Oak trees were rooted deep in her front yard, so is her love rooted deep, so deep in my soul.

My maternal grandmother knew hardship and understood that life is what you make it to be.  Married to a coal miner, she mothered 13 children, several of whom she buried before they were school age.  She too quilted and cultivated life for her family with her hands.  She never learned to drive or owned a car, but she loved to travel.  I accompanied her on cruise ships, greyhound buses, and plenty of car trips.  She made the best pinto beans and chocolate gravy with biscuits in the Appalachian region, bar none.  She wasn’t one for long talks or lots of hugs, but we knew she loved us.  She didn’t have to use words to tell us.

Two women, worlds apart in most areas, but each loved me and helped shape the woman and mother I am today.  I am blessed to have grown up close in proximity and in relationship to my grandmothers.  What a goodly heritage the Lord imparted unto me. 

We are instructed in Titus 2, to teach the younger women…

Titus 2:3-4, “The aged women likewise…that they may teach the young women…”

God never intended for us to do motherhood alone.  Even in the structure of our biological families we see how generations of women learn and grow and then in turn, teach the younger women.  In our modern society, many children grow up separated from daily life with their grandmothers.  So we have an increasing need in our churches and communities to have older women step up and help younger moms by becoming the “grandmother” figures to children that need the influence and love of an older woman. 

May we reach out to younger moms and step in to fill the gaps for children who need the touch and love of women in their lives. 

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  1. Beautiful tribute!!!


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