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Recently my husband and I entered a new arena and season of life.  That of unemployment.  After 22 years of faithful service to IBM, Michael was part of a massive layoff action.  We have had many seasons and trials where we have needed God to perform miracles and meet our needs and we have always found God faithful.  Yet, in the area of employment, we have been quite comfy cozy and so this is a new, uncharted course for us and one which is requiring us to dig deep in our faith once again.

The process of sending out resumes and networking with other people has been an interesting one.  Someone asked me the other day to explain what exactly Michael did for IBM and what type of job he was looking to obtain.  Then she said, “tell me about him, what is he really like.”  So I began to describe him to her from my perspective.  And I realized that all to often we take those we love for granted.  The exercise of describing my husband allowed me time to reflect again on this man I am with whom I’m sharing life.

Just in case you didn’t know, let me tell you about THIS MAN.

This man…

photo(8)This man…Loves this little girl and has embraced and championed her special needs.

fall 07 319 (96)This man…Leads his son by example.

photo(16)This man…Holds his children’s trust in his hands and guards it well.

photo(36)This man…Loves the ocean and his heart is at peace near the shore. JonathanThis man…Held me when we lost and buried our  son, Jonathan.

301702_2981272970262_1620321614_nThis man…Loves University of Kentucky basketball in a major way.

2597_1036494552017_7598207_nThis man…Is a great photographer and sees the world through his own lens.

2597_1040703417236_4953293_nThis man…Loves to travel and has taken me on some amazing journeys.

And most of all…

382787_10200256335521457_1424553118_nThis man…Loves me and has opened the world to me.

I love sharing the journey of life with This Man!


About Renee Parris

I write to share the message of grace God has so generously splattered on the pages of my life. My heart beats strongly with love for my husband, children, and those God has placed in my path. I adore the world God has created for us to explore. My heart beats to share, through written words and pictures, my love for nature and the people I meet on this beautiful journey called life.

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  1. Beautiful. You almost made me cry! Praying for a great job!


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