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Own Your Life Book Study: Introduction

Reading a good book is a gift to the soul.  Sharing a good book with friends is divine!  The book we are going to be discussing has been a treasure to my soul.  It has touched me profoundly.

I am currently leading several groups through Sally Clarkson’s book Own Your Life.  I will be summarizing each chapter and posting notes here on the blog so that those in the groups (and those who may not be) can all have one central place to find the notes.

Here is the review of the Introduction of Own Your Life.  Enjoy this rich treasure.

Introduction: The Beginning – What Will Be the Legacy of Your Life?

When reading the Reviews, Forward and Introduction of a book touches and inspires you, you can be assured this is going to be a great read.  So it is with Own Your Life.  I was privileged to preview a portion of this book before its release and I was touched deeply.  Then I was blessed to be part of the launch team for the book and I could hardly stand the wait for the release date.  I so desperately wanted to get this book into the hands of my friends.

Why?  Because Sally Clarkson is the real deal.  A godly woman whose walk with the Lord is so real and transparent it’s almost touchable.

photo(12)I remember well the day I saw Sally Clarkson for the first time.  She was a speaker at a home school convention that I attended in North Carolina.  Her natural beauty, mannerisms, and soft voice made me take notice.  Her message that day on raising whole hearted children resonated deeply with me and I knew I would follow her and read her books after the conference.

What I could not foresee was how God would allow our paths to cross time and again and how blessed I would be to get to spend time at her home and develop a friendship with this amazing woman.  For 12 years now I have watched her raise her four children into fantastic and creative adults, love and encourage her husband, minister to women all over the world and stay true to the God who is using her to write a beautiful story of living life well and with intention.

photo(7)I’m honored to be leading a study of this book and to share with you how God is speaking in my life right now through Sally’s words and to see what God will do in your life through this book.  The Holy Spirit uses each of us to encourage the other.  So, here we go…digging deep into the pages of Own Your Life and deeper into the love of Christ.

Highlights from the Introduction:

In the Introduction, Sally Clarkson asks a poignant question.  “What Will Be the Legacy of Your Life?”  Ponder that for a while!  We all will leave a legacy; a story that lingers and will be shared after we are no longer contributors to the story.  I don’t know about you but my story is not yet complete with all I want it to include.  There is so much more that needs to be added and edited and I am realizing it is up to me to make those contributions.  I cannot leave my story in someone else’s hands.  It is mine to shape and share.

Life is fleeting and decisions to be effective must be made now.

Sally share about attending a conference where seven young women drown in a freak flood and how that event framed the atmosphere and messages of the conference.  At the end of one message, Sally recalls thinking, “Oh how I wish I could have an opportunity to make a difference in this world!  God, I am just a young, untrained, unskilled person, but I want You to use me during my lifetime.  Please let them pick me to go if it is Your will.  I am your girl forever.”

They did pick her and she became a missionary sharing God’s redeeming love in six communist countries in Eastern Europe.  There were many hurdles, adversities and adventures in her years as a missionary.  Those days shaped her.

“Being challenged to live every day as though it might be my last has made an immense difference throughout my life. ‘Seeking first the Kingdom of God’ became a life focus.  Knowing I have only one life to live, one opportunity to invest it fully in the Kingdom of God, has given energy and purpose to each day and every season of my life.”

Sally challenges the reader to form a grid, a list of questions that will bring them back over and over to evaluate whether the life they are living is the life they intend to live.

I love how her life is an example for all of us about God’s faithfulness.  She says, “At sixty years old, I can look back and see that God has honored those decisions I made to live a life set apart for Him beyond what I ever imagined.”


Personal Take-Aways and Challenges:

Each of us long to matter.  To live a life that makes a difference is a cry of the heart.  God placed in each of us a longing to create, nurture, and accomplish.  Yet, life and the daily-ness of it, often gets in the way and we find ourselves settling for a life of mediocrity. The dreams and plans are still there, just buried beneath the rubble of everyday trials.

We are not called to live the same story but we are each called to live His story.  Every person has a role to play and the story cannot be complete without each person embracing and living out their individual role.

A fresh question on my heart is this: How can I be more intentional about living the life God designed for me? 


Are you ready to own your life?  Let’s do this.

Renee Parris

Here are some ways you can connect with Sally Clarkson

Her blog: www.

Facebook: www.

To order a copy of Own Your Life:


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I write to share the message of grace God has so generously splattered on the pages of my life. My heart beats strongly with love for my husband, children, and those God has placed in my path. I adore the world God has created for us to explore. My heart beats to share, through written words and pictures, my love for nature and the people I meet on this beautiful journey called life.

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  1. How do I join you for this book study?

    You are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the arms of Jesus. In Him, Chyrll

    • You can subscribe to receive blog post via email and all of the chapter reviews will be sent to you. Or you can request to join the Facebook group called “Mom Heart Moms” and I will add you to that group which will also have the links here to the chapter reviews. Blessings to you.


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